Experts Says These Foods are Calorie Bombs

All health foods are not actually healthy: instead, some may make you gain weight. Here are healthy eating tips.

Resolved to lose weight and so, you’re only eating healthy these days? Think again, as certain foods that seem healthy are actually calorie bombs leading to weight gain. Here are some of those culprits, and expert advice on the right way to eat them.

Healthy Eating Tips
Ah! Yes, avocado is a delicious super food, and each avocado contains 10 gm of fiber and twice the amount of potassium as food in bananas. They are also full of anti-oxidants and are belly filling. However, if losing weight is your aim, you better watch your avocado intake. They are calorie dense, and are very high in fat content.

Expert advice: Use in moderation when adding them to your salads and sandwiches. Stick to one avocado a day.

Healthy Eating Tips
You may be snacking on dry fruits instead of popcorn at the movies or opting for peanuts, because someone told you nuts are healthy. Sure they have heart-healthy fats, but may pose as a hindrance in getting that lean body you desire.

Expert advice: Avoid the combination of beer and nuts.

Healthy Eating Tips
Protein is good, right? Oh yes it is, but not when it’s in the form of protein bars. If you want to lose kilos, stay away from these bars, or else say goodbye to those flat abs.

Expert advice: Replace the protein bars with lentils or egg whites, as they have a low calorie count.

Healthy Eating Tips
We’re not saying smoothies are bad, but you’ve got to exclude ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate, cream or flavored syrup from this yoghurt wonder, and you’re good to go.

Expert Advice: A healthy smoothie is one that only contains fresh fruits, low-fat yoghurt and unsweetened milk.

Healthy Eating Tips
We all switch to salads as soon as we pledge to start eating healthy. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you don’t overload your salad with cheese, croutons, nuts and creamy dressings. Doing this will make your salad more fattening than a pizza!

Expert advice: Add seeds and nuts to your salad for the crunch and flavor.

Here in this video Katie is sharing some healthy eating tips and healthy breakfast ideas quick & easy way.
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Inputs by nutritionist Tripti Tandon (HTC News)

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